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Restoring Nutritional Heritage

We desire to see thriving families, healthy and inspired to live well and passing it down to the next generation.

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Confessions of an Aging, Frugal, Germaphobe

Braids are typically a protective style for kinky coily hair like mine. Their convenience was the perfect solution for my busy schedule. With added hair extensions and my masterful braid artist my hair was just another fashion accessory that I changed every five or...

About Zilphy’s Garden

We want to equip you with the tools you need to make good health choices for yourself and your family. Information is power! We will help you build the information muscle you need to fight and win the battle.

We are a food sick nation, not because we lack food; quite the contrary we are eating ourselves to death. For convenience sake we fill our pantries with over processed, genetically modified, chemically treated food grown in nutrient deficient soil. We can it, box it, bag it, nuke it, dehydrate and reconstitute it. We load it with sodium, sugar, and hydrogenated oils. We overheat it and then, overeat it. Is there any wonder that we are fat and sick?

Most people do not even know that they are nutritionally sick. You certainly can’t count on the food industry to tell you and most physicians are focused on merely treating the symptoms, not the root of the problem. When poor nutrition and mediocre health are the norm, good nutrition and excellent health are viewed as too much effort or simply unattainable.

We will support you to break the legacy of poor health in your family and set the stage for good health and nutritional wellness for generations to come.

Zilphy’s Garden will reintroduce you to the foods that your ancestors ate and design a customized nutrition plan to help you restore your nutritional heritage.