Sweet Freedom

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An online course to help you escape the sugar plantation and cut down your dependency so that you can restore your nutritional heritage.

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Are you ready to take control of your life?

Three reasons to leave the sugar plantation:

Lose Weight

Sugar ingested in large quantities is converted by the body into fat. Sugar is mainly an additive full of empty calories making our bodies work harder than necessary.

Conquer Addiction

Sugar triggers a chemical response in the brain that makes you want more. Even if you are not externally overweight the increased sugar can be creating fat deposits around your organs.

Regain Health

Sugar makes us lethargic and causes memory loss. These direct effects impact our daily lives and prevent us from living to the fullest.

Why small groups?

We look to keep each group to 12 members:

  • Ready to take action
  • Willing to interact and give feedback
  • Desire personal attention

Sweet Freedom is fresh material created from the ground up for you from the Zilphy’s Garden Team. We want to make this the best guidebook to freedom and we need your help. Take advantage of the small group sizes. The Zilphy’s Garden Team helps to walk you through your personal problem areas so you can reach YOUR wellness goals.

What’s included in Zilphy’s Garden Sweet Freedom?

  • Four Weekly Lessons
  • Downloadable Course Guides
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Four Group Support Calls
  • Zilphy’s Garden Inflammation Busting Recipe Book
  • Email Support
  • Lifetime access to the Course materials

$97 for Four Intensive Weeks

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Zilphy’s Garden is a mother daughter team seeking to help others restore their nutritional heritage. We are tired of watching our brothers and sisters stuck in a culture of food related health problems. The Zilphy’s Garden Sweet Freedom was created to help bring others to nutritional freedom.

The foundation of the modern American diet is born out of a slave culture. We are dependent on the food industry and the 3M’s which were the required slave rations of meat, meal, and molasses.

Zilphy’s Garden wants families to embrace a whole food diet, through education, and empowerment. Sweet Freedom is one way we hope to bring about change and a cultural shift.