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Derona King is a nutrition and wellness designer for Zilphy’s Garden, Restoring Your Nutritional Heritage. Visit her at to learn how you can use real food and plants to restore your nutritional heritage and heal your body. Like us at

High BP is Not for Me


Most people would consider me healthy and fit. I am physically active, have good muscle tone, drink plenty of water, eat a plant-based diet, stay away from refined sugars, and besides an occasional waffle fry

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Top 6 Sexiest Health Foods For Valentine’s


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we decided to give Cupid a bit of help spreading the love with Zilphy’s Garden Top 6 Sexy and Healthy Food picks. 6 Avocados. All of that omega

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8 Tips To Beat Cold & Flu Season


Cold and flu season is at it’s peak and predicted to stick around for the next few months. Following these eight tips can help keep you sniffle and cough free, right through spring. But, you

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This Ain’t Your Momma’s Menopause!


Date night with my honey! We were curled up on our old striped love seat watching some mindless drone of a movie.We had just polished off a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and

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The Zilphy Legacy


Family is just about everything to me, but family is not something that I spoke much about until I had children of my own. In fact, I was more likely to change the conversation when

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Confessions of an Aging, Frugal, Germaphobe


Braids are typically a protective style for kinky coily hair like mine. Their convenience was the perfect solution for my busy schedule. With added hair extensions and my masterful braid artist my hair was just

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